Impacting lives and changing narratives

1 Million people donating to help those who need it

Masihi International

Our Vision

Is simple, to bring together one million people that will donate £1 a month. That is £12 from each donor every single year, this translates into £1,000,000 a month once we reach our target. Envision what we can achieve, the lives we can impact and the stories we can rewrite…

Destitution, deprivation, distress, hardship, hurt, lack, poverty, suffering – these are all words that are synonymous with our present-day society, and many people experience these emotions daily, living in vulnerable conditions with little or no help.

Masihi International

Our Mission

Is to give hope, to alleviate suffering and hardship by meeting the welfare and social needs of low-income families and the disadvantaged.

To empower them with the truth that they are relevant, recognised and loved. Poverty is a state of mind, but by educating people we will help them make better informed choices, that will give them a feeling of belonging and acceptance. The social inclusion of people who fall into these categories is important for their dignity and security, and to help them lead better lives.

Masihi International

The People We Help

Low-income Families

Households that do not earn or have much money to cover basic needs, nor make ends meet.


People who are vulnerable, and are at risk of poverty, social exclusion, or discrimination.

Community Projects

Work with faith/religious groups across the UK to support them and fund commissioned projects within the community.

Masihi International


We give grants to faith groups to enable them carry out projects within their communities. The grants are subject to the meeting of conditions set out by Masihi International. Grants will be monitored through reporting agreements and draw-down requirements as well as other requirements attached to the funding. This is to ensure that funds are being used appropriately.


We’ll use your donations to help low-income families and the disadvantaged in our community.

Set up a recurring donation, or give a one time gift.